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LB Pressure Washing is your premier pressure cleaning company who serves all of the Houston metropolitan area. Our professional pressure cleaning crew specialize in providing top-notch residential and commercial pressure-washing services.

Our state of the art cleaning equipment ECOS Mobile Wash Reclaim System has allowed LB Power Washing to be ahead of technolgy in keeping up with state and federal enviromental regulations.

Sometimes leaves clump in piles inside of gutters, along with dirt and debris. This can create a blockage for water. While you could climb up on a ladder to clear debris. This could be a difficult task without proper tools. Fortunately you can avoid doing this by hiring  LB Power Washing a proffesional company who is experienced with gutter cleaning.

If your deck is in the sun and the wood has dried out and turned gray, you can prolong its life by pressure washing and placing a UV-blocking pigmented stain. If protecting it from moisture is your main concern, however, you may prefer to preserve its natural color by using a waterproofing  sealer.

A large percentage of our business comes from you, the homeowner. We truley appreciate the importance of your business. We also understand that your home is a very large investment and we want to help you retain your investment’s value.

Our Professional Low Pressure House Washing service is ideal for:Dirt, grime, mold & mildew removal from all siding types: Vinyl – Stucco – Brick – Stone and much more!


We hit the jackpot when we called Ynga for a free estimaste. Its been a long time since we’ve experienced this kind of customer service and satisfaction.

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