Power Washing Services in Houston

Complete house washing services

This includes siding and exterior of gutters, front and rear entrance and or steps and of course all the windows will be soaped down and washed as well so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning those windows that you cant reach.

The low pressure house washing service removes all mold Algae, Dirt, cob webs leaving your home clean and sparkling like new. Extending the life of your siding and other exteriors that are cleaned.

Anti-Graffiti Protection

Anti-Graffiti coatings can be used to protect any stone or brick surface that may be permanently damaged by vandalism.  While very often graffiti can be removed from modern brick with no visible damage, many natural stone products used in buildings, new and old, can absorb spray paint making it very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. Once applied, our coating invisibly protects the stone and will not allow spray paint to penetrate the pores making it very easy to remove, if vandalized.

Gum Removal

The black spots left by chewing gum can make a clean business or home look filthy from the outside. Unfortunately, traditional cleaning methods are completely incapable of removing petrified gum. LB Power Washing uses the only effective method available, high temperature power washing.  We can literally pop the gum right off the sidewalk. Even the oldest, dirtiest pieces will come off using our cleaning process.

Awning & Sign Cleaning

In Houston, dirt, grime, and pigeon excrement can build up quickly masking your awning or sign look filthy. We use specialized chemicals to clean your awning or sign, leaving it looking restored. Our ECOS System holds up to 400 gallons. This allows us to clean without disturbing your clients and business.

Storefront Cleaning

LB Power Washing offers service plans for the Houston businesses that will keep your property looking the best it can year round. While cleaning a property one time will leave it looking great, gum, grime, grease, and grit will begin to accumulate the day after our service. Putting an effective service plan in place will make sure your property never look neglected.

* Weekly

* Every other week

* Monthly

* Quarterly

* Twice a year

* Once a year


Why does my house need washing?

There are many reasons why people turn to LB POWER WASHING for residential exterior cleaning and pressure washing.

  • To clean and brighten the appearance of the home’s exterior

  • To remove contaminants such as harmful mold and mildew

  • To protect and preserve the integrity of siding, stucco, roofs, gutters and windows

To properly maintain the health and beauty of your home, residential exterior cleaning is recommended every six months to once a year. After all, for many people, a family home is the single biggest investment they’ll ever make – so why not protect it!